10 interesting facts about Greece you’d be amazed to hear about

10 Interesting Facts About Greece, You’d Want To Know

The beginning of democracy, shelter for restless deities legends, initiator for the Olympic Games, holder of the most spectacular views, the country with one of the most prolific tourism industries. Greece is more than fascinating history, beautiful landscapes, delectable cuisine, and historical attractions. The country of deities is a definitely “must-see destination”.

An “open book” on one hand, yet a “closed book”, on the other hand, Greece is full of unrevealed secrets. Stay tuned and let’s find together the most interesting facts about Greece!

10 Interesting Facts About Greece, You’d Want To Know

Yep, you guessed it! Not everyone knows these, but…I’ll introduce you to the other face of Greece! Let’s find out what makes the country of gods a two-sided nation!

Greece is “bathing” in sunshine 


Yep, that’s right, the country of Gods gets the winning position for one of the sunniest countries in the world. Greece is “showering” in 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, or about 250 sunny days. On some islands, the sun shines for as many as 300 days a year. So, don’t forget to bring sunglasses with you!

Greece is not…Greece 

Did you know that, the official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic, which is an interesting fact about the country? Greeks are referred to as Hellenes, and they use the ancient Greek term for their nation, Hellas. Until the Byzantine era, when Roman emperors gave the Hellenes the name “Graecus” from “Gracia,” these old titles were still in use. The Hellenic Republic term is once more used to refer to Greece nowadays. 

Greece, land of islands 

Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, or Thassos are some of the most famous places to spend “a vacay to remember” but did you know that there are many more stunning islands in Greece? Up to 6,000 islands and islets are forming Greece, however, only 200 are being inhabited.

Greece – the land of UNESCO Heritage sites 

18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites may be found in Greece, including well-known locations such as the Acropolis of Athens, Meteora, Temple of Apollo, and the Old Town of Corfu. The country of gods has a lot to show.

Greece, the land of mountains

When you think about Greece you probably think about the beach, golden sand thickening your feet, seaside, sun, and ocean breeze. But Hellen country is more than that, 80% of its surface is made up of mountains, resulting to be one of the most mountainous countries  in Europe. This is nothing but the perfect touristic destination since you could have a great tan and yet a stunning outing if you’ll choose to pack some walking shoes too.

Greece, the seashore of the Mediterranean Sea

With 80% mountains and 6.000 islands, Greece is nothing but surrounded by water. 

Did you know that Greece’s coastline is about 16.000 kilometers (which is 9.942 miles), thus positioning Hellen country in 10th place when it comes to talking about the longest coastline in the entire world?

In Greece, the overwhelming number of visitors overcomes the number of the locals

I mentioned the secrets Greece might „hold tight” in its spectacular magnetism, and if it comes to talking about secrets, we all know there’s no hidden fact that the country’s hospitable people, make it one of the most visited destinations in the world. 

But did you know that the number of people stepping by on this spectacular land is about double the total population of Greece? 

It seems that 17 million tourists knock down their vacation expectations and let themselves fascinated by beautiful Greece each year.

Hence, Greece’s Economy is primarily derived from tourism, which accounts for about 20% of its GDP, a pretty high percentage when it comes talking about an industrialized nation. That’s an interesting fact about Greece, isn’t it? 

Greek, the oldest yet still used language 

Greek, the oldest yet still used language

Do you know that what’s oldie might be goldie? Well, that happens with Greek, the language of the Greeks. Actually, it seems it is 5.000 years old, due to archeological findings it has been used continuously. Try learning some Greek phrases when you visit the country of gods! The locals will appreciate it and it will improve your time there.

Greece – mother of…yo-yo

People are always taught that the little challenging toy was built in China. But let me blow your expectations, it was created in 500 BC, in Greece.

Greece and …” idiots”

The word „idiot” has its roots in Ancient Greece, which is another fascinating fact on our list. An idiot in ancient Greece was essentially someone who avoided public or political life. Hmmm, am I an „idiot?”


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