3 less known reasons why you should (re)visit Greece

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Still haven’t decided where to spend your next summer vacation? Stay calm and relax; below, you will find some reasons why you should (re) visit Greece.

The masterpieces of antiquity

Even if you are not passionate about history, you will be fascinated by the numerous Greek monuments. Visit the ruins of the temple in Delos or the architectural wonders of the Minoan palace in Knossos and you can feel the life of ancient Greece vibrating inside of you. You can actually walk through a window in time when you visit the fortified city of Rhodes or the ruins of old Thira in Santorini.
Apart from these famous ruins, there are also many archaeological vestiges, scattered on almost every Greek island, full of mystery and grandeur, from the huge marble statues of Naxos to the brightly colored mosaics of Kos. The Greek ruins are as impressive as they are numerous.

Delicious food and drinks for all tastes

When it comes to food, in Greece, you are in the right place. Each part of Greece has its own special recipes, less known to those outside it. The carnitas from Trikala, the Kori from Naxos, the kopania from Santorini and the wine from Nemea are some of the goodies from Greece.

The less known, but beautiful Greek islands

Scattered like pearls all over the Aegean Sea, the Greek islands have fascinated the world since the dawn of history. From Jason who left in order to find the golden wool, to the French Crusaders, the Greek islands inspired many myths and legends. Each time you land on one of them, it is as though you arrive in a new country, each island having its own hallmark: the smell of the wild spices from Kalymnos and Icaria, the taste of tyros from Alonnisos, the churches with blue roofs from Sifnos, the unique landscapes from Nisuros, the archeological treasure of Crete, etc.

About the legendary beauty of the Greek islands, we need not say too much. Unfortunately, we only know a few. In Romania, we only know about Thasos, Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos and several other islands promoted by travel agencies. Very little is known about the other 1000 islands and little islands. Most of them can also be visited and are very beautiful.

The Greek islands are so numerous that in Greece, this expression is commonly used: ‘There is an island for every Greek’.

Take, for example: Kythnos, Anafi or Kimolos from the Cyclades Islands, with which very few Romanian tourists are familiar. Most tourists are Greek, although the islands are renowned for their beauty. But the list is too long to be included here.

Sometimes, it can be extremely frustrating not to understand a single word in Greek when you visit this beautiful country. You should not miss a moment or beautiful memory just because you do not understand their language.

In fact, I think there is a way to make the most of this experience: learn Greek! And here’s why you should do it.

You will have the opportunity to meet more people

Not knowing the language can be a barrier when you try to make new friends in Greece. Greek means communication, and communication with Greek locals, when you visit this country, makes your trip a great experience.

By learning Greek, you will gain a much more realistic view of local life and customs.

Also, the Greek courses will help you build relationships with locals and make unforgettable memories.

It will help you handle any situation.

Greek courses can help you in various situations, and there will be many situations in which you will be forced to speak Greek, since not everyone speaks English. It will help you understand traffic signs or ordering food, which will make your trip more enjoyable.

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