Ask the proper question to get the right answer

These are a couple of the most frequent questions we get asked regarding our online Greek lessons, regarding:

  • Payment
  • Enrolling
  • Trial lessons
  • Type of courses

If you need more help

please contact us whenever you feel the need. Maybe there is some detail or something that we did not cover in these questions, so please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • If you are interested in our Greek courses, please contact us for a free trial lesson (30 minutes).
  • Even if you are not or do not consider yourself to be a beginner, you will still have to take a level test.
  • The schedule is flexible and will be agreed upon.
  • It can be whatever you want it to be.
  • You have the option to choose a series of private lessons, but you also have the option of enrolling in one of our online group classes.
  • There are various methods of payment which can be agreed upon.
  • Just tell us that you are interested in our courses, and we will find a solution that suits you best.
  • You do have the option of applying for a free trial lesson, during which you will be able to see how we work and how we can help you.
  • If, for some reson, you decide that you will not be able to finish the course, after purchasing it, you will be refunded for your remaining untaken lessons.
  • No, provided that any modification of the program is announced at least 24h in advance.
  • Yes! The course places a lot of emphasis on conversation and language practice (basic elements, vocabulary and grammar).
  • You set the schedule together with your teacher, our recommendation being one or two hours per week, depending on the pace you want.

  • But if you have a deadline by which you must master the Greek language and you want an intensive learning program, our teachers can also help you with a plan that includes 3 hours a week, or more.

  • Depending on your preferences, way of learning and availability of time, you can choose between the group option and the private lessons option.

  • In the group class, you benefit from the energy that is created, support and inspiration from your colleagues. You have the opportunity to interact during the exercises. The atmosphere is relaxed, we laugh, joke and learn Greek. The group option also offers a more advantageous price. Groups are small, maximum 8 people, so everyone has the opportunity to participate and practice the concepts learned.

  • If you need a personalized teaching style, or prefer to have more flexibility with your class schedule, private lessons may be a better fit for you. Thus, you set the pace and the teaching is based on your individual needs.

  • The courses are aimed at both beginners and advanced students.

  • In the case of the group course there are 3 levels, so you will definitely find a suitable group for your level.

  • In the case of private lessons, teaching is adapted to your level, but also to the pace you want.

  • If you are a beginner, but also if you need to review the basics, our teachers can help you to continue your study with a solid foundation. Our programs, private or group, will help you improve your knowledge, speak, write and read better and better.

  • The course is based on modern teaching methods, with an emphasis on conversation and language practice.

  • There will be teaching sections as well as exercises (vocabulary or grammar) and various role-playing games designed to help you put into practice what you learn.

  • There will also be homework, depending on the theme of each lesson, but quite few.

  • Yes. Lessons are recorded, primarily for the continuous improvement of teaching.

  • We want to offer you the most pleasant experience and the best possible results.

  • Whether you were unable to attend a lesson, or just want to review the material taught, the lesson recording is a very valuable resource and appreciated by our learners. Thus, with the help of the recording, you can resume the lesson as many times as you need, to repeat the concepts taught.

  • There are many learning resources available, books, apps, websites. Even if it is not bad to test them and thus have a first contact with the Greek language, the result of learning on your own might disappoint you.
  • Many of our learners have decided to sign up after trying to learn on their own for a while. Whether they used books, audio resources or dedicated websites, their progress was very slow.
  • An experienced teacher, as well as a well-established and tested program with hundreds of students, will make the difference for you. You’ll progress faster, you’ll get real feedback on your knowledge every step of the way, and you’re guaranteed to get all the basics and a solid foundation to continue learning the language in the long term.