The best way to learn Greek …

… is with an experienced teacher, with whom you can meet twice a week and who gives you homework assignments, with which you will only spend a few hours daily.

But very few have the time or money needed, so what is to be done?

For a start, get your hands on a Greek Grammar book

The use of the Greek media as a means of language learning, involves a substantial effort, it will mean studying different words and active learning.

You can deepen your knowledge later using Greek media (movies, series, YouTube, music, books) for at least two reasons: you can choose the ones that seem fun and interesting, so you will be more involved when you learn, and you will learn Greek from native Greek speakers, who use the language exactly as it is used in everyday life.

Build a consistent vocabulary in Greek

Words are like bricks that build a language. Even if you are extremely determined to learn Greek, you cannot succeed if you do not learn enough words.

The ideal strategy for learning Greek words is to try to learn the most commonly used words in your daily activity.

It is believed that 1000 words are enough to handle almost any situation.

Read texts in Greek daily

As a beginner it will be very difficult for you to understand what you are reading, and this is due to your extremely small vocabulary. Any way you take it, you have to make a habit of reading Greek.

This way, your vocabulary will grow very quickly and you will learn grammar in a natural way, because you will see how it is used in various contexts.

This method can be even more productive if, while reading a text in Greek, we also listen to its audio version.

Make Greek a part of your lifestyle

This aspect should not be neglected and is much more important than you would first think.

If you learn Greek intensively for more than three months, this challenge can sometimes be felt as a chore. You will sometimes feel the need to just give up.

My advice is: instead of referring to Greek language courses as something you have to make time for, you can find a way to make it a part of your daily routine.

The question is how can we do this? Here are some tips: listen to the news in Greek, not in Romanian; sign up for different activities organized by the Greek Community in Romania; attend a Greek club; go to Greek restaurants as often as possible to familiarize yourself with Greek cuisine and customs.


Also, another extremely important thing that you should remember when learning Greek, is that there is no ideal or miraculous method for everyone to learn this language.

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