Things you didn’t know about Greece

It’s no secret that Greece is one of the main holiday choices for many of us. Some of us have already been to the Greek lands, the others want to get there, but I think we all dream with open eyes of the extraordinary Greek islands, the oases of peace and relaxation after a year of work.

We jump to your aid and if you want to prepare conscientiously for your next trip to Greece, our Greek language courses are exactly what you need. Thus, when you travel to the lands of Aphrodite and Hera, a few learned Greek words will transform you from a simple tourist into a ”specialist”  of the place and you will be received with more joy by the locals.

Also, along with the sun hat and the bathing suit, you could add some… curiosities to your bags! We have prepared a whole list for you to enrich your general culture.

Greece is not called Greece

You probably think your whole life has been a lie. Well, the official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic. The Greeks also say that their country is called Helada.

Remove the heeled shoes from the luggage

You most likely slipped a pair of shoes into the already loaded luggage, claiming loud and clear that they are a strictly necessary thing. Well, you should know by now that wearing heels is forbidden in some parts of Greece. Many places carry with them a history dating back millions of years, and wearing heels can bring changes to their structures.

We love olive oil. So does Greece

Greece is known for its very tasty salads in which olive oil is one of the main ingredients. Olives have been growing in Greek lands since 3500 BC. olives have long been considered sacred. Today, Greece remains known for its olive oil production, being the third-largest producer in the world.

Greek is the oldest language in the world…

… And it is still used! Do you need another reason to start our Greek language courses? It was founded more than 5,000 years ago and, although it is so old, it is still used! It wouldn’t hurt to know a few words. Hint – you already know a few, only you are not aware of this (for example, the alpha and beta symbols used in Math and Physics during school).

The Olympic Games were born in Greece

If you also serve yourself popcorn and watch the Olympic Games, you will be interested in this curiosity. Nowadays, the Olympic Games are so diverse that we no longer know their numbers or names.

When they appeared, around 700-800 BC, sports were much less common. This event took place in honor of Zeus.

You travel in time

Each historical monument takes us on an imaginary journey, often in long-forgotten times. The remains of what was once Ancient Greece are among the favorites of tourists.

Greece and the islands

You probably don’t know them all and we understand you – Greece is made up of 6,000 islands and islets. Yes, we know, the number is very large, but we must keep in mind that only 200 are currently habitable.

Let’s dance!

If you want to stay with another unforgettable memory from your vacation in Greece, you could try Greek dances. A dance-loving people, Greece has over 400 traditional dances. You will surely find one that you like!

The Land of the Sun

If you love the sun, Greece is the perfect country for you! From 365 days, Greece enjoys the sun’s rays for 250 days, ie over 3000 hours. Its position on the map of Europe makes it enjoy this advantage. No wonder the Greek coast is one of the most popular and sought after.

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